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What is Family Dentistry?

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Fitting in everyone’s dental care can be difficult with work, school field trips, sports, and possibly taking care of senior family members. To attain optimal dental health at any age, our staff at Piedmont Dental knows how to help! Let us take care of your entire family with our specialized family dental treatment. Whether your toddler needs their first dental appointment or you need a dental implant, we have you covered!

Our team has advanced training in surgical procedures and endodontics, as well as general and cosmetic dentistry skills. We provide dental health treatment for patients of all ages, including those with special needs, using innovative technology and expertise. Begin improving your family’s oral health.

Dentistry for Families

Family dentistry focuses on each person’s unique dental health needs based on their stage in life. Our dentist provides complete dental treatment to children, adults, and seniors. To maintain the health of your teeth and gums, family dentistry is concerned with educating you about oral hygiene.

Family dentistry often includes:

Dental Exams and Cleanings
Digital X-rays
Cavity Control & Prevention
Dental fillings
Dental Cosmetics
Gingivitis Treatment or gum issues



Dentist provided dental service to young boyThe care of baby teeth is critical to the development of a healthy, beautiful smile. Defective enamel makes children’s teeth more susceptible to decay. When the first tooth erupts, or by the first birthday of the kid, we recommend visiting our office with mom and dad for their appointment for pediatric dentistry. Our team will get to know you and your child during their visit. We take time to explain to them every step of the exam to help alleviate any anxiety.   Nutritional counseling may be included in their first appointment as well as helping them understand the importance of learning to brush their teeth.

Teenagers and Minors

photo of a black teenager with beautiful bracesAdult teeth replace baby teeth as they fall out. Dental appointments can help children transition to adolescent and adult treatments. It is important for pediatric appointments be consistant as well as regular exams during the teen years. This ensures a clear record to see how the teeth grow, jaw aligns, and to anticipate any problems in the future.

To maintain good oral health, procedures like tooth fillings or extractions may be required. To assist creating a healthy, permanent smile, extractions or fillings can help to make room for adult teeth.


Dental health, function, and esthetics can be affected by decay, discoloration, and normal wear and tear. Gum disease can result from bad oral hygiene and not having regular cleanings scheduled. Maintaining your dental and oral health requires daily oral hygiene and biannual visits. In the long run, this can save you money and time.


seniors smilingTooth decay is a common problem among seniors. Seniors can still have beautiful teeth and a healthy smile, though! With the latest effective treatments for oral concerns, including gum disease and tooth loss, we help seniors maintain or regain a strong and healthy smile!

Adult gum disease can worsen with age in the absence of regular cleanings. Regular cleanings and maintenance helps in the prevention of tooth extractions and tooth loss related to oral health issues.

Even though many people are able to maintain their natural teeth longer, tooth replacement is still sometimes necessary.  Implants, Dentures, bridges, and partials are available with or without implants.

Are six-month dental visits necessary?

A dental exam includes checking for tooth decay, along with many other possible issues. We examine your gums, teeth, and restorations during your routine visit. Because of this, we highly recommend a dental exam every six months for all members of the family.

The Gum Disease Treatment

man pointing to his teethWhether or not to receive treatment for gum disease is dependent on how well your gums are maintained. Gingivitis is a sometimes painful condition that can be treated effectively at Piedmont Dental. Routine hygiene appointments can stop mild periodontal disorders from progressing and reverse gingivitis’ early symptoms. Hard deposits developing beneath the gum line (resulting in bone loss) are treated with scaling and root planing. In order to allow the gums to heal, hard deposits on  the tooth roots are removed to allow the gums to heal. Pocket reduction encourages gum tissue reattachment following scaling and root planing by allowing you to clean better at home with flossing and brushing. Scaling and root planing removes disease-causing tartar from the gum tissue before repositioning it.

Dental Visits: Protect Oral Health

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums between checkups is essential. Especially impressionable are young children. Showing kids how to properly brush and floss can make dental care at home consistent and part of the routine. The practice of good oral hygiene can help your youngster overcome dental phobias.

In between dental appointments:



Get the smile you deserve. At Piedmont Dental, we serve family members of all ages, that include professional pediatric dentistry. Use the contact form to schedule your appointment and one of our staff members will be in touch ASAP!

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